National leadership consultation of the President on anti-corruption efforts

Completed Start Date 02 Sep 2017 End Date 30 Dec 2017

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan convened an annual advisory conference on 13/2/1397 through a video conference with governors, provincial head of scholar’s council and university presidents. At the summit, government leadership officials included the Second Vice President, the Attorney General, the Head of the Scholars Council, the Chief of Independent Directorate of Local Governance, the Minister of Higher Education, the President’s Advisors and other officials were present.

The discussions focused on two pillar: (1) the challenges and issues facing on combating corruption, (2) the difficulties and challenges faced by the voter registration process and the possible solutions. Before the summit, provincial governors and university presidents shared their views with their provincial colleagues and, in consultation with them, presented their views in two separate reports. In addition, the National Anti-Corruption Symposium, discussed at the 10th session of the National High Council for the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption, dated 6/9/1396, is part of the planned activities for the coming months.