28 Sep 2017

The Afghanistan National Strategy for Combatting Corruption was approved on September 28, 2017 and based on H.E presidential decree No. 2771, dated December 9, 2017, the strategy has been introduced to public institutions and they were asked to develop their action plans for implementation of the strategy. Consequently, the Special Anti-Corruption Secretariat was established on January 6, 2018 under the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, Monitoring and Evaluation, in order to monitor the implementation of the strategy.

Currently, the strategy is revised and is it is approved by the High Council on Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption on November 2018. This strategy has consolidated and significantly improved anti-corruption efforts in the country

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1 Minutes of Consultative Meeting with Civil Society Organizations Special Anti-Corruption Secretariat had a consultative meeting with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on November 03, 2018. In this meeting, the new... 15 Nov 2018
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