Consultative Meeting with Civil Society Organization on the new proposed benchmarks of the National Strategy for Combating Corruption

03 Nov 2018

New Benchmarks of the National Strategy for Combating Corruption have been shared with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for receiving their opinions

The Special Anti-Corruption Secretariat has shared new benchmarks of the National Strategy for Combating Corruption with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in a meeting at Government Media and Information Center (GMIC). Dr. Yama Torabi, head of the Special Anti-Corruption Secretariat has proposed the new 66 benchmarks of the National Strategy and the extended time for the uncompleted benchmarks. He asked the CSOs to add their comments and suggestions for improvement of the Strategy.

Moreover, he added that based on the new priorities of the Strategy, the pillars of the Strategy has increased to 7 from 5 pillars.

The National Strategy for Combating Corruption initially had 38 pillars, which were designed to measure government progress towards achieving the set out goals in the five pillars. From among 38 benchmarks of the National Strategy, 27 benchmarks are 100% completed, 7 of them are in the final stages of implementation, 3 of them has less progress and only 1 benchmark has no progress. 

Dr. Torab also talked about major achievements of the implementation of the National Strategy. As of these achievements we can name, assets registration of more than 15,000 government officials and civil servants, approval of anti-corruption laws and local governance policy, establishment of anti-corruption deputy of the Attorney General, establishment of people ombudsmen office in Administrative Office of the President, establishment of an Independent Supervisory Board of High Level Security Appointments  and biometric process of the Police and National Army Forces in order to identify the ghost soldiers.