Implement the Addis Tax Initiative and the Common Reporting Standard, to ensure better tax revenue transparency and accountability.

Start Date 15 Oct 2017 End Date 30 Dec 2017

Afghanistan completed the Addis Ababa’s Tax Initiative in 2018, and in line with its orders, and the government has undertaken the following actions between 2017 and 2018: two directors from General Directorate of Revenue participated in Stockholm’s Tax Conference and the Addis Ababa’s Membership Meeting from 30th to June 1, 2018 in Sweden. The Afghanistan Self-Assessment under the umbrella of the tax office's discovery, which is a preparation for the process, has officially begun.

  1. A central management system has been established;
  2. The Compliance Plan has been drafted;

3. The General Directorate of Revenue will be ready to receive membership of the Addis Ababa Tax Initiative in 2018.